(This page contains common operational problems answers.  If you are having licensing issues see the Licensing Section instead)

Where is the preferences folder located in case I want to manually delete it and rebuild them?

Version 5.x

MyDocuments\BaseHead 5.x\Preferences.config
Version 4.x

MyDocuments\BaseHead 4.x\BaseHead.<user>.config

You could delete this file or even better just rename it temporarily to anything else to see if it fixes your problem first.
If not, rename it back to get your prefs back.

If that doesn't fix your problem then a secondary folders to delete are at 



C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\BaseHead Inc

Delete both these folders along with the main pref file and then BH should launch the next time as if a fresh install was just done!  8)

NEW: If running version or higher just hold the CTRL key down when launching to give options to wipe prefs files in case you are having issues launching.  You will be prompted for each file that can be wiped currently.

BaseHead quits immediately after seeing the splash screen.  How can I fix this?

1. Try going to this super hidden folder and delete all files instead to fix this.
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\wyUpdate AU

NOTE: it's super hidden so make sure you enable seeing hidden folders first on your PC in folder options.

then in the start menu type %AppData% to go to this folder and browse to   \AppData\Roaming and then manually type and add to the path \wyUpdate AU to see this secret folder.

If you do not see this folder, then read the above one more time....Trust us it is there and you need to delete all the files inside this folder.. ;-)
Note: in version this folder will auto-wipe on launch since wyUpdate was removed from BH in this version.

2. Check if you have the  FastPictureViewer Codec Pack installed codec installed and it so remove them.
More info on the bug is here....


3. Another reason that BH wil quit after the splash screen will sound a bit insane,...first clear your AppData Temp folder located here


The go to your Recycle Bin and right click it and choose "Empty Recycle Bin"
Let us know if that didn't help, but we has seen a few times in the past that too many files in the Recycle Bin are causing a WPF error.

When I try and drag a file on a network drive from BaseHead to Pro Tools sometimes it won't let me?

Make sure you scan your network files with a Mapped Network Drive letter cuz PT can't play files with a path that starts with //

The files need to beat something like z:\ x:\ etc....

Why do I get assertion errors when spotting to Pro Tools? 
Make sure your PT bin doesn't have a search in it. Make sure to display ALL before spotting!
Dumb, we know!! but it's an Avid issue.
(Update: this looks fixed in Pro Tools 12 or higher now)

Why do I get missing files the next time I open Pro Tools?
Other than that DAW is just horrible this seems to be a problem with versions lower than PT12 if it you drag or spot the same exact file twice into it.
The fix for now: turn on "Create Unique Filenames" on the Options Page to make sure BH always makes a new fresh filename before spotting or using DnD.

When I try and drag any file from BaseHead or my Desktop to my DAW (Especially Pro Tools) it doesn't work?

You need to shut your UAC off to fix this.  It's a known bug reported by Avid and that is their official fix for it! hahaha
Also, if you run a DAW like Cubase 'As Administrator' you will get the same problem until you turn the UAC OFF.
TBH....The UAC is quite worthless so shut that worthless thing off...8)

Nuendo/Cubase "Follow Session Folder" doesn't seem to work unless I un-check and re-check the this option.
Make sure your SKI is or higher. You can change the version number in Nuendo's Plugin information window.
If it's old open BH or higher and go to the options page and click the 'install' label in the Target Application section to replace it with the latest.

BaseHead just started crashing randomly even when idle and I already did a prefs wipe.  What to do?

Do you have an AMD video card?  If so, an update for Plays.TV is known to crash BaseHead.
Un-install that and that will fix the problem.


How do I fix a Waveform Cache that never rendered fully?

You'll notice that when you click on the waveform that it will jump to the wrong location.

Hit "F5" to re-draw it and fix this problem

What about Integration to other DAWs?
You can always Drag and Drop to any application that supports DnD directly from BaseHead, but as far as tighter integration, like the "Spot to Track" feature, that it isn't possible unless an API is available from the manufacture of the DAW and currently only Nuendo/Cubase, REAPER, Pro Tools, Wwise and Premiere Pro have an available API to do such things.
(Adobe Audition , Media Composer and Resolve and the next three we are eyeing to integrate into,

Why after importing the drive letter is different and the files say they are Media Offline?
One of two reasons...
Either your "Drive ReMapping" is enabled OR one of your drives is a clone of another so that both hard drives have the same exact Hard Drive ID
Use this program to change one of them

Does ReWire work with a 32 or 64 bit DAW?

4.x is 32 bit and 5.x and higher is 64 bit and requires ReWire requires the DAW to match the same bit rate.

Or an even better, check out VoiceMeeter as an alternative.

I'm getting a ReWire Error Code #3 (ReWire channel setting error code 3)

Try running BaseHead 'As Administrator' OR shut your UAC off completely.

The BaseHead ReWire Device isn't showing up in Pro Tools?

Go to  \Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Avid\Pro Tools and delete the file named InstalledAAXPlugIns

PT will then re-scan for the ReWire.dll and it should show up then.

Why does my Recycle Bin look empty ever since I started using the Codemeter dongle? 

See this post for a fix!

How can I speed up and optimize BaseHead PC?

  1. Build all your waveforms for all your files and maybe cache them on your local drives
  2. Set you 'Max Files Returned' to a lower number like 4000
  3. Shut off all fields on the Results Page you don't care about.
    (Right Click the header to see field choices)

Is there a way to override the stock keystrokes fired into a DAW when set to a generic Target App? 
Yes, create a file named 'keysOverride.txt' in your settings folder at MyDocuments/BaseHead 5.x

Once you create this you will see a yellow label with the word 'overridden' next to the Target App selection combo box telling you that it's engaged.

inside this file your can place 4 key commands that you want to fire comma separated.


%f,i,a,  would be Alt+F then I then A

+o,a,m,k   would be Shift+O then A then M then K

make sure to have 3 commas even if using one key command like S


email us if you need help with this!