Where are the preference files stored in case I want to delete them and start fresh?
They are in three main places.

1. Open the Terminal program and paste in the below (without the quotes) based on your version you are running.

version 2020 or higher
"defaults delete com.basehead.BaseHead"

version 5.x
"defaults delete com.basehead.BaseHead5.x"

version 4.x
"defaults delete com.basehead.BaseHead4.x_Ultra"
"defaults delete com.basehead.BaseHead4.x"
"defaults delete com.basehead.BaseHead4.x_Lite"
"defaults delete com.basehead.BaseHead4.x_Demo"
"defaults delete com.basehead.BaseHead4.x-Free"

IMPORTANT!!  if you did NOT see the BaseHead Welcome Screen on next launch then the above didn't work so try this then...

  • Do the above one more time
  • Empty your Trash
  • Reboot your Mac

2. If the above doesn't fix your problem, more additional prefs are stored here that you can start renaming one at a time until your find the problem one or the whole folder and let them re-build
<user>/Library/Application Support/BaseHead/
if you can't find see this above folder then open terminal and enter this (without the quotes)  

 "chflags nohidden ~/Library/"  

3. The final Place for files to be cleared or renamed is in ~Documents/BaseHead (4.x/5.x)


Pro Tools: "Spot to Track" broke after a Pro Tools or macOS update 
Avid or Apple broke something with on of their 2019 updates.
you might need to install an older version like 5.1.19 of BH and spot a few files to wake it up and and then return to the latest version.

Pro Tools: "Spot to Track" doesn't seem to be working.  No error message and it looks to work, but no file appears on the Pro Tools Timeline after press "S"

Avid broke something with on of their 2019 updates.
you might need to install an older version like 5.1.19 of BH and spot a few files to wake it up and and then return to the latest version.

Here is a checklist to be aware of when using  Pro Tools

  • Using macOS Spaces or Pro Tools Maximized in FULL SCREEN mode will wall off contact to PT from BH, so avoid these at all costs cuz PT will not receive an Apple Event from BaseHead.
  • as of macOS 10.13 or so BaseHead has to be in your 'Applications' folder as required by Apple now to fire commands into another program.
  • BaseHead's Sample Rate on the Options Page must match the Pro Tools Session Sample Rate to work correct also especially with regions and "Spot with Handles".
  • Also make sure BaseHead is set to control your computer in System Preferences/Security & Privacy/Accessibility.   If it's already in the list then remove it and re-add it.
  • Also in 10.14 or higher BaseHead needs to be set or refreshed in System Preferences/Security & Privacy/Automation

  • If Active Project is not appearing in  10.14 or Higher  then check if it has permission in System Preferences/Security & Privacy/Screen Recording.

  • If BaseHead is not in the above list or corrupt you will see a "no alias was created error" also like below. 
  • In fact....if you are having issues we suggest
    a) Quit BH first
    b) Delete BH from this above list and manually and re-add from the 'Applications' folder in the Accessibility TAB.
    c) Re-Launch BH and see if it's working then.

Pro Tools: Why does my Active Session switch to (none) when I switch back to BaseHead.
Neither BH or PT can be in a maximized full screen mode or on separate desktops for BH to be able to sniff out the audio file folder and session of the current session in Pro Tools.
Double Click the top title bar in the middle to maximize both applications instead of clicking on the third icon from the left maximize button on the Title Bar that causes the applications to animate and fly left right when Alt+Tabbing between them.

Pro Tools: What are the recommended settings to use PT with BH?
BaseHead is designed to be the boss of PT, so it's only recommended to have BH do all the file copying and SRC.
So turn ALL PT Import options OFF like so

Using "Follow Session Folder" ON in BH is also highly recommended to copy all audio to the Audio Files folder for the current Pro Tools Session.  We could write a book why this is best practices when working.  Just trust us....this is the way it was designed to work.  8)

The only exception to the above is for people that are cutting long ambiances.   In this case we suggest turning "Reference File When Possible" ON or tagging file referenced using "Command+T" so you can work faster with long files.  When finished with the reel make sure to do a Save Session Copy since the files were referenced.

The Pro Tools Aggregate audio driver is causing BaseHead to crash on each record click.  How to fix?
Simple....do NOT use it! ;-)
It's a fake driver and not a very good one. Plus if set up wrong will cause crashing so avoid it all all costs if possible.

Every time BaseHead launches it's asking for a password of a Network drive OR is launching slowww OR launching another companies DMG File.
Clear your macOS Recent Items List will fix this. (See below Picture)
We are looking for an better fix for this, but this is the quick fix for now.

Why am I seeing DMG's of other application I recently installed launch when I launch BaseHead?
It's a strange one we know....

Clearing your macOS Recent Item List will fix this. (See above for picture)
Make sure all .DMG are un-mounted.....maybe even move them or delete them to fix it.
Another solution is....Go to Disk Utility you'll see the BaseHead Mac.dmg
Remove it from there and the problem should go away...8)

(search keywords .dmg dmg)

Pro Tools: "Follow Session Folder" doesn't seem to auto-switch Transfer Paths for me.
in 4.x this whole feature is based on Spotlight Indexing so make sure the location of the .ptx file is NOT disabled first.
Things like Paragon NTFS and NTFS mounted drives can affect this also.  Disable them and hopefully it will fix the problem.

macOS is not a fan of any other drive formant besides HFS+.  8(
Also, using macOS Spaces or Pro Tools Maximized in FULL SCREEN mode will wall off contact to PT from BH so avoid these at all costs.
Version 5.x has a new system that can auto-detect any location now.

I'm trying to install my 4.x custom plugin installer on a new system but I see a bunch of Red X's and files are missing
macOS 10.12 broke the built in unzip of our installer. Email support@baseheadinc.com to get an updated version.

The BaseHead ReWire Device is not showing up in Pro Tools
first make sure you have installed version 5.2 of higher and then...

  1. Quit Pro Tools and open Finder
  2. Click on the Go menu at the top of your screen, hold down the Option key on your keyboard, and select Library
  3. Navigate to Preferences > Avid > Pro Tools
  4. Delete the file called InstalledAAXPlugIns
  5. Launch Pro Tools. It should now scan for any ReWire client currently installed.

BaseHead is crashing on certain files while Importing or playing them.  What can I try to fix this? 
check if the files are LOCKED.  If so, un-lock them by....

  1. Using Finder, the top level folder of those files that you want to unlock. Switch to List View mode (cmd-2)
    You should now see a finder pane containing only those files and folders that you want to unlock.
  2. Cmd-a to Select All.
  3. Open all the sub-folders. With all selected, opt-command-right arrow to open up all the children.
  4. Cmd-A to select all
  5. Opt-Cmd-I to bring up the single pane inspect
  6. Unlock

My searches and network transfers are slowwww? 
If you have SMB and AFP both active....disable SMB to see if that helps.
See this article for more info

I have a bunch of SDII and AIFF file that aren't importing? 
In version 5.x we had to drop support for this ancient format and files without extensions as a whole.
No 64 bit application will be able to use them and we couldn't be happier, so start converting them to BWAV!

regarding SD2 for version 4.x and before:
They probably don't have extensions. If so, then turn ON the option "Import files without extensions" on the Import Window.
FYI....both these file type are not industry standard and should be converted to BWAV when you get a chance esp. the SD2's

Check out the full roundup of Batch Converters by Paul V. at Creative Field Recording
He has lots of praise for Awave and Barbabatch when I spoke with him in Bangkok.
I've also heard for a free program that SoundConverter will do the job also.
But honestly if you are looking to convert old Hollywood Edge or Sound Ideas libraries, don't bother with the pain and find someone that has already did the work and ask to copy the libraries you already own to save yourself the hell of this long and tedious process....hehe

I can't move the controls and knobs on some of my WAVES Plugins?
Try holding Ctrl when clicking to see if that helps.  It should.

I know I have Finder or Spotlight comments in some files. Why don't I see them after Import?
Most likely the files are on network drive.  The Apple supplied API we use doesn't support non-local volumes.

What about tighter Integration to other DAWs?
You can always Drag and Drop to any application that supports DnD directly from BaseHead, but as far as tighter integration, like "Spot to Track" feature, that it isn't possible unless an API is available from the manufacture of the DAW and currently only Nuendo/Cubase,
REAPER Pro Tools and Logic have an available API to do such things.
Yes, on the PC side we support many other generic DAW's.....
We do this by firing key commands into them, but since the Mac platform's open file dialog does NOT allow pasting in file paths, this is unfortunately not possible....8(

Why isn't Nuendo, Cubase or Pro Tools copying files to the audio files folder when spotting or pressing"X" when the DAW prefs are set to always copy?
It's because we are using an API supplied by these companies and they ignore these settings with region spotting and always reference files. Seems like a bug on their end to be honest.
So best to always set your transfer path to the audio files folder for the session to get the desired results. Nuendo/Cubase users can use the "Follow Session Folder" option also to make the process automated

Why do I get assertion errors or an OS Error message when spotting to Pro Tools? 
Make sure your PT bin doesn't have a search in it.  Make sure to display ALL before spotting by pressing (Command+Shift+D)
Dumb, we know!!  but it's an Avid issue.

Why do I get missing files the next time I open Pro Tools?
This seems to be a problem with versions lower than PT12 if it you drag or spot the same exact file twice into it.
To fix: turn on "Create Unique Filenames" on the Options Page to make sure BH always makes a new fresh filename before spotting or using DnD.